Kulturlunch med Creative Ebeneser

9 november
11:00 - 13:00
Kulturcentrum Ebeneser
Presenteras av:

Crypto, AI and art – possibilities or threats?

Goncalo R Marques From Northern Sustainable Futures gives an introduction to terms as Web 3.0, Metaverse, blockchain, NFT – all in relations to culture and art.

  • What is it, and how does i work?
  • Is AI and crypto a possibility or threat in the art world.
  • Can crypto and AI provide new opportunities and tools according to my creative process?
  • How can I as an artist increase my possibilities  of  making a living of my art in a digital world?

At Northern Sustainable Futures och Moskosel Creative Lab,  Goncalo R Marques och Linda Remahl works with several art projects that involves AI och crypto. During the introduction you will hear about a few practical exemples.


The presentation is in English.

Free of charge. Open for everyone.

Lunch is included if you sign up, limited seats.

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