Chana Svensson till NMW 2022

Publiceringsdatum: 3 oktober, 2022

Chana Svensson, CEO & Co-Founder of MindDig is one of our keynotes during NMW’s VIP-event.  She will be presenting her thoughts on how to create the Silicon Valley of Arctic Europe

“We have the opportunity to transform northern Sweden into one of the most impactful green industrial superclusters on the planet, but that will only happen if we succeed in convincing 100 000 new talents from all over the world to move here. Soon!” 

This is what inspires Chana and her co-founder, Markus Gustafsson, in their work at MindDig – a digital talent attraction and retention platform. She will discuss how collaboration between both private and public sector actors is key to attracting new talent to the region and igniting the creation of the Silicon Valley of Arctic Europe. 

Chana Svensson, the current CEO of MindDig, is a lawyer and entrepreneur from the U.S., who co-founded MindDig with Markus Gustafsson, a Luleå native, investor, and entrepreneur. Prior to moving to Sweden and starting MindDig, Chana co-founded Soilcea, an agriculture technology startup in the U.S., focused on developing transformative agriculture products utilizing cutting-edge genetic manipulation techniques, including CRISPR. Before starting Soilcea, Chana practiced antitrust law in Washington, D.C.

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